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June 10, 2015 by boopish
I, like many of you, am a huge Sci Fi fan and it all started with "Star Trek".  My kids grew up loving it and now my grand kids are following suit.

I admit it, I cried when they killed off Spock, and was overjoyed when they brought him back and felt as if a family member had passed when Leonard Nimoy died. Never missed an episode or a movie - and have them all.  First on VHS and now DVD and digital. 

Never had the chance to meet him, or any of the actors for that matter. Com...
March 27, 2005 by boopish
Had to do a re-install of icon packager and my utopia and orion icons - no problemo, had the disks and the registration letter...or so i thought It hung installed a couple and then I got an error msg that I had to reinstall Stardock Central. So I uninstalled everything and then uninstalled-reinstalled SC. Problem is, I kept getting this msg that "Windows is loading Quick Projects..." then it stalls, asks me for a disc (Iput my OB Desktop disc in) and it tells me there is nothing there and t...